Netflix pays hefty price for Korean content

Netflix was recently reported to have invested a hefty amount in the Korean entertainment industry. Netflix is one of the most used OTT platforms across the globe making it easier for the viewers to avail new content. Netflix is one of those most used OTT streaming platforms having a variety of content. 

Popular Korean content is currently streaming on Netflix, dramas like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Vincenzo, The Descendants of the Son, Goblin and many more famous dramas are streaming on the platform. This makes Netflix a one-stop destination for the Kdrama stans for entertainment. Netflix has also purchased various underrated dramas like Juvenile Justice, Zombie Detective and Lovestruck in the City which are loved by the viewers. The Korean content kept evolving over the past few years which makes Netflix invest a hefty amount in the industry.

Previously it was reported that Netflix invested 2 billion dollars to get the rights to various dramas and Korean films. Netflix being the owner of shows like All of us are dead and Sweet Home has benefitted it greatly. A few sources suggest the makers of Sweet Home are looking for another OTT partner.

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