Ability or Mentality Which one helps in succeeding in life? 5 athletes who made it to the top

Ability or Mentality Which one helps in succeeding in life? 5 athletes who made it to the top

An Individual’s willpower can create wonders. Most often, as a person, we all ask, ” Will I be able to do this task? Am I capable of it? I might fail; is this step even worth taking?

These questions arise because we are willing to dream but doubt our ability. Five times, differently abled individuals from different walks of life made a difference, proving that their mentality boosted their abilities to mark their name in the history of change and the nation.

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  1. Girish Sharma: One-Legged Wonder Boy, Girish Sharma, is a badminton player who made it to the finals of the Paralympics Asia Cup for the Disabled and won a gold medal in the competition. Girish Sharma lost his leg in a train accident, but that didn’t stop him from his love for outdoor sports; according to a 2015 survey, Girish Sharma, the Haryanvi native, is considered a top second player in men’s singles in badminton.

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2) Harry Boniface Prabhu: This tennis player represented India in over 50 competitions. Harry Boniface Prabhu happens to be one of the frontiers persons in defining and making a place for wheelchair tennis in India; he happens to be the first Indian to win the International Paralympic Games after he suffered an accident at the age of four. Harry had undergone massive emotional turmoil, but his victories speak for raising the bar for aspiring athletes.


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3)Preethi Srinivasan: A Tamil Nadu native and Woman cricketer who, after suffering an accident, co-founded Soulfree to guide and provide services like restoring and rehabilitating athletes who have sustained accidents. Preethi Srinivasan is a swimmer and cricket who won various medals in the region-wide criteria. She graduated from Upper Merion Area High School, Pennsylvania, and addresses disability-related issues. Preethi Srinivasan is also a degree holder in Medical Sociology from the University of Madras.

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4) Sai Prasad Vishwanathan: First Differently-Abled Indian to skydive 14000 feet, made it to Limca book of records, Sai Prasad Vishwanathan also happens to be an intellect as he has achieved a gold medal from Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology and also holds a masters degree from ISB Hyderabad and the University of Wisconsin. He lost the sensation from his lower back as a child, but that didn’t stop him from being the reputed individual.

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5)Suvarna Raj: An activist and para-athlete in tennis, powerlifting, and athletics, Suvarna Raj is an advocate by profession, and he had a rough childhood, she was differently abled since childhood as a polio attack attacked her; she survived most of her childhood in hostels and that’s when she discovered her passion of sports, she soon made it to the team but was declined to play and was not provided with basic facilities, now in 2023 Suvarna is the ray of light for many aspiring differently abled individuals.



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