Yuvan Shankar Raja Deactivates Instagram Account

Yuvan Shankar Raja Deactivates Instagram Account. In a surprising turn of events, Yuvan Shankar Raja has deactivated his Instagram account, raising eyebrows and prompting speculation. The renowned composer, known for his soulful compositions and innovative soundtracks, had a significant social media presence with over two million followers. However, fans were taken aback when they discovered that his Instagram page had vanished without any explanation.

The Trigger: “Whistle Podu” Controversy

The trigger for this sudden move appears to be the release of the song “Whistle Podu” from the upcoming movie “The Greatest of All Time”. Unfortunately, the dance number failed to meet the expectations of fans, sparking a massive debate on social media. Many expressed disappointment with Yuvan’s composition, leading to intense online trolling.

Thalapathy Vijay’s Fans Weigh In

Adding fuel to the fire, fans of Thalapathy Vijay, who plays the lead role in the movie, criticized Yuvan’s work. The mixed reviews for “Whistle Podu” revived the debate about Yuvan’s talents. While some loyal fans vehemently defended his musical genius, others believed that his best days were behind him.

Yuvan’s Response: Silence on Instagram

In response to the ongoing social media debates, Yuvan chose to insulate himself by deactivating his Instagram account. When asked about his work in “The Greatest of All Time”, he declined to comment, stating, “I will let my work speak for itself.” Perhaps, he wanted to focus on his creative process rather than defending his creations online.

The Film and Yuvan’s Involvement

Director Venkat Prabhu is helming “The Greatest of All Time,” and the film is currently in its last stretch of production in Russia. Scheduled to arrive in cinemas worldwide on September 5, the movie has generated significant buzz, partly due to Yuvan’s involvement.


Yuvan Shankar Raja Deactivates Instagram Account. Despite his absence on Instagram, Yuvan remains active on other platforms. However, he hasn’t disclosed the specific reason behind his departure from the photo-sharing platform. Fans eagerly await any official statement from the composer regarding this unexpected move. One thing is certain: Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music will continue to resonate with audiences, regardless of his social media presence.


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