Why Are Yash’s Toxic Makers Not Responding?

Enthusiastic Kannada film fans, accustomed to production houses promptly disclosing cast, crew, and other pertinent details, are perplexed by KVN Productions’ approach to Rocking Star Yash’s Toxic. While Yash19 has been in the pipeline for some time, the banner’s public disclosure has been limited. In December 2023, the title was unveiled alongside the official confirmation of Geetu Mohandas as director, with Yash’s home banner, Monster Mind Creations, serving as co-producer.

Nayanthara In Toxic

However, since this initial announcement, there has been radio silence from the production house. Media reports, citing sources, initially suggested that Kareena Kapoor Khan, Shruthi Haasan, and Kiara Advani were part of the project. Subsequently, reports emerged indicating that Kareena’s departure was not due to scheduling conflicts, as claimed, but rather due to creative disparities. Following this, rumors surfaced suggesting that Nayanthara was being considered for the role Kareena vacated.

Reportedly, this role, portraying Yash’s sister, holds significant narrative weight and necessitates a seasoned and well-known actress. Nayanthara, who last appeared in a Kannada film opposite Real Star Upendra in Super, is purportedly being eyed for this pivotal role. However, it’s imperative to note that this information lacks official confirmation from the production house. Frustrated fans have taken to social media, urging KVN Productions to provide concrete updates about the film, expressing discontent with relying on potentially unreliable reports citing sources.

Fans Are Upset With Yash’s Toxic Makers

Fans are demanding transparency, emphasizing the necessity of receiving updates directly from the production house. With the commencement of Toxic’s shoot in Bengaluru, fans stress the importance of KVN Productions following the example set by Hombale Films, which consistently provided timely updates to its audience.

Directed by Geetu Mohandas, known for Moothon, Toxic is reportedly set in the 1960s and 1970s, exploring the drug mafia in Goa. Geetu aims to present a gangster film from a female perspective.


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