When will Mass Maharaja realize this?

Ravi Teja used to be the minimum guarantee hero in Telugu. Most of his movies are dubbed in Hindi for TV and they used to get good response. Vikramarkudu had the highest rating in Hindi television at that time despite being remade in Hindi by Akshay kumar. Such is the stardome Ravi Teja had in North India.

However, Ravi Teja bends over backwards to theatrical release in Hindi as well. His previous Hindi theatrical releases disappointed the producers. His latest release Khiladi is a fiasco not only in Telugu but also in Hindi. 

Meanwhile, Ravi Teja strong-arms his producers to release the movies in theaters in North India without realizing the market he has in there. 

It has come to light that Ravi Teja is repeating the same mistake one more time with his latest movie. Ravi Teja seems to have special interest for one of his upcoming projects to release in Hindi theaters.


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