This Korean Voice Queen gets trolled because…

Ahn Hye Jin a.k.a Hwasa is a South Korean-based KPop artist. Hwasa debuted through a girl group, Mamamoo. The Maria song fame pop star is also a well-known television personality. Hwasa a Korean artist is known for her stupendous music.

Mamamoo is a girl group, which is owned by a Japanese-based agency Rainbow Bridge World. Previously, it was reported that Hwasa’s contract with her agency is set to end soon. Various rumors regarding her walking away from the agency were doing rounds all over the internet. While other artists of the company have renewed their contracts recently. The agency recently reacted to the rumors stating, ” Hwasa’s contract is yet to expire and we are currently busy with the Mamamoo’s world tour

Hwasa is being criticized for her recent performance during the Mamamoo world tour. Hwasa happened to lift her top during the performance to which netizens began to criticize her. Fans had Hwasa’s back they claimed,” The male idols often show off their abs and why do you have to target Hwasa? Leave Hwasa alone.”

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