The unexpected Hollywood collab in the Kapil Sharma Show!

Kapil Sharma, the renowned Indian comedian, ventured into the world of OTT with “The Great Indian Kapil Show” . Premiering on Netflix on March 30, the show promised laughter, entertainment, and star-studded guests. However, its journey was far from smooth.The unexpected Hollywood collab in the Kapil Sharma Show!.

The Hype and Initial Episode

TGIKS generated buzz months before its release, with Ranbir Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor gracing the first episode. While the initial numbers were decent, viewers soon expressed disappointment with the content quality. The magic that made “The Kapil Sharma Show” a household favorite seemed elusive.

The Downfall

As the episodes progressed, TGIKS slipped off Netflix’s Top 10 list. The dwindling viewership led to speculation about its future. Archana Puran Singh, one of the show’s hosts, confirmed the end of shooting for the first season. “Yes, we have wrapped up the shoot of season one,” she revealed. Despite the setback, the journey had its delightful moments on the sets.

Season 2: A Ray of Hope

While there’s no official confirmation, comedian Kiku Sharda hinted at a second season. “We have done 13 episodes, and the next season will come out soon,” he assured. Fans eagerly await the return of Kapil Sharma’s wit and Sunil Grover’s impeccable comedic timing. Their reunion promises laughter and a chance to relive the magic.

The unexpected Hollywood collab:

The Netflix OTT took to its Instagram handle to reveal the upcoming episode’s highlights. This video revealed the next guest of the Kapil Sharma Show. The video revealed that the next guest to this show is Pop singer ‘Ed Shereen’ who sold over 150 million records. This actor has been trending for quite sometime for all the right reasons. This actor had a tour in India and visited schools, Shah Rukh Khan’s house etc. This took all the limelight. Now this singer is on a talk show. The great Kapil Sharma’s talk show has bought Ed Shereen as the guest.

The glimpse of the episode promises a fun filled episode. Ed was seen interacting with his fans and performing on live for his fans. This episode will be streaming only on Netflix.


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