Take a look at the must watch films of Tripti Dimri

Tripti Dimri is a well known Bollywood actress who started her career as a model and then a television actress and then entered films with a lot of passion, hardwork and wait. This actress got a great recognition with the film ‘Animal’. Tripti stole the tag ‘National crush’ from Rashmika Mandanna after this film. Though she worked in many fantastic films and delivered electrifying performance in few films like Laila Majnu, Bul Bul, Qala etc but she didn’t get much recognition.

Here are must watch films of this actress and why

1. Laila Majnu

This film revoles around the lovebirds who belong to different communities and how they get united is what the film is. The film’s aim is to make everyone understand the concept unity and there should be no discrimination in caste and creed.

2. BulBul

This periodic supranatural film is a story of child bride. This film is all about the painful past of child bride who was married into a big family but was always had dark days. They tried bringing the dark stories to make everyone understand the pain of women back then and also make people realise that it is important for men to behave well with woman.

3. Qala

This psychological film revolves around a girl who fails to be a good daughter no matter how much she tries. and this film is full of lessons to parents on how to be a good parent and also how important is mental health and how can people around us are responsible for our mental health.

Tripti may be late to get the fame and name but her unique picks always tries to make the world a better place to live.

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