Sushmita Sen is Dating Lalit Modi!

Sometimes, you are bound to be surprised by seeing a couple. Even though it’s entirely their right and their personal choice to choose whomever they like as partners, you can’t help but wonder how these two come together. The same is the case with noted Bollywood actress Sushmitha Sen and IPL ex-chairman Lalit Modi. Netizens were shocked to hear that both of these were dating and if all goes well, will marry too. Sushmitha is an ex-Miss Universe while Lalit is one of those men who is living away from India and levelled with a lot of accusations. Social Media is abuzz with netizens wondering how this unthinkable union took place.

Lalit revealed on his Twitter that they two are seeing each other. At first, he mentioned her as his better half and later in another tweet, he gave clarification. In his first tweet regarding their relationship, he tweeted: “Just back in London after a whirling global tour #maldives #Sardinia with the families- not to mention my #betterhalf Sushmitasen – a new beginning a new life finally. Over the moon”. He posted a series of pics of him with Sushmita back when he was IPL chairman and a few affectionate photos too. As his tweet went viral, Modi clarified in another tweet that they didn’t get married yet and currently dating each other. He wished that their marriage too will happen one day. Well, this is some interesting news, isn’t it?


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