Suriya’s Kanguva interesting facts that may surprise the fans

Suriya, renowned for his immense popularity and massive fan base in the South Indian film industry, is making headlines with his upcoming project, the highly anticipated magnum opus, Kanguva: A Mighty Valiant Saga.

According to the latest updates from production house sources, VFX is being handled by a Chennai (Lorven Studios) team, Harihara Sudhan & Selva, and a Huge Team working to bring the VFX to international standards. Fans are very hyped about this film, and here are a few interesting facts about this upcoming magnum opus.

Big Budget Extravaganza

Kanguva is said to be the fifth most expensive Indian film to date with a budget that is estimated to be ₹300–350 crore, including pre-production and VFX, and the makers are planning to promote the movie on a massive scale with a budget allotted around Rs 100 crores only to promote the film around the country.

Suriya in Five Avatars

Starring the super-talented Suriya in as many as five roles in Siva’s hyped fantasy thriller, Kanguva: A Mighty Valiant Saga. The movie is not a fantasy film but is set in an imaginary world that existed 1500 years ago. Suriya is already seen as a firebrand, and this movie will increase his hotness quotient. Suriya will be seen in 13 different looks in the film.

Kanguva in 11 Languages

Kanguva is all set to release in 10 languages, which means it will not just be his Tamil-speaking fans but also those who speak other languages who will enjoy this big film. Some languages it will be released in include Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi and a few foreign languages. The movie is also coming out in 3D.

Pre-Release Business

Kanguva is reported to have made a pre-release recovery of more than ₹500 crore (US$63 million), which includes digital, audio and satellite rights, becoming the first Tamil film to do so. The South Indian digital rights of the film were sold for ₹80 crore (US$10 million). 

Kanguva OTT Release

Amazon Prime Video acquired the digital streaming rights of the film for its South Indian languages.

Kanguva’s Star Cast

Suriya as Kanguva alias Kangaa, Bobby Deol as Udhiran, and Disha Patani will be seen as the love interests of Suriya, while another senior cast, such as Natarajan Subramaniam,  Jagapathi Babu, Yogi Babu, Redin Kingsley, Kovai Sarala, Anandaraj, G. Marimuthu, Deepa Venkat, Ravi Raghavendra, K. S. Ravikumar, B. S. Avinash.

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