Sunny Kaushal Reveals Vicky Kaushal’s Sleep-Talking Antics

Sunny Kaushal Reveals Vicky Kaushal’s Sleep-Talking Antics. Vicky Kaushal, the talented Bollywood actor known for his intense performances on screen, has a quirky side that not many know about. His brother, Sunny Kaushal, recently spilled the beans on an interesting childhood habit of Vicky’s: sleep-talking.

The Great Indian Kapil Show Unveils Vicky’s Sleep-Talking Talent

Sunny Kaushal and Vicky Kaushal made a joint appearance on Netflix’s The Great Indian Kapil Show. During their conversation, Sunny shared amusing anecdotes from their childhood. He revealed that while most people mumble in their sleep, Vicky used to give an entire performance! Sunny would often find himself confused, wondering if Vicky was awake or asleep.

“As a child, he (Vicky) would talk in his sleep,” Sunny reminisced. “People usually blabber in their sleep, but he used to take it up a notch. I always wonder that — Is he awake or deep in slumber?”

Vicky’s Midnight Paper Drama

One night, Sunny was about to go to bed, and Vicky had already fallen asleep 45 minutes earlier. They shared a room, and suddenly, Vicky threw his blanket aside and exclaimed, “Check it!” Sunny, half-asleep himself, was taken aback. “What?” he asked. Vicky replied, “I am done with my paper, check it.” It seems Vicky’s dream world was as vivid as his acting on screen!

Eyes Wide Open

But that’s not all. Vicky Kaushal’s sleep-talking antics didn’t stop there. Sunny revealed that Vicky would talk in his sleep with his eyes wide open. If Sunny tried to wake him up, Vicky would startle, leading to some hilarious conversations until he drifted back to sleep.

Vicky Kaushal’s Recent Work

While Vicky continues to impress audiences with his powerful performances on screen, these delightful childhood stories reveal a lighter side to the talented actor. His recent film, Sam Bahadur, garnered critical acclaim, and fans eagerly await his next project.

Sunny Kaushal Reveals Vicky Kaushal’s Sleep-Talking Antics. In conclusion, Vicky Kaushal’s sleep-talking adventures add a touch of humor to his otherwise intense persona. Who knew that behind those brooding eyes lay a dreamy performer who could entertain even in his sleep?


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