Sundar C to Direct Another Horror Film with Aranmanai 4 actress

“Aranmanai 4,” the latest installment in the popular Tamil horror-comedy franchise, has been making waves since its release. Directed by Sundar C, the film features an ensemble cast led by Sundar C himself, along with Tamannaah Bhatia and Raashii Khanna. Let’s delve into the intriguing world of “Aranmanai 4.”

The Aranmanai series began with the original film, which unexpectedly struck a chord with audiences. Sundar C’s unique blend of horror, humour, divine intervention, and multiple characters set the tone for subsequent films. After the success of the first three instalments, fans eagerly awaited news of a fourth film.

The film opens in Northeast India, where a priest and his daughter encounter a shapeshifting demon named Baak. Baak’s evil actions lead to tragedy, and the priest traps his soul to protect his family. The story then shifts to a village where Selvi’s mysterious death leaves her children, Shakthi and Saravanan Jr., grappling with grief. As paranormal activities escalate, Selvi’s brother, Saravanan, investigates the truth behind her demise.

Sundar C to Direct Another Horror Film:

Reportedly, Sundar C is all set to start shooting his next horror film. This director is considering Tamannah to play the lead role in the film as she got a great recognition and appreciation for her role in the film ”Aranmanai 4”. There is no official confirmation about this yet.

Sundar C, known for his pragmatic approach, didn’t rush into creating another sequel. He emphasised the importance of good scripts over mere franchise cash-ins. When asked about the possibility of “Aranmanai 5,” Sundar C revealed that only the success of “Aranmanai 4” would determine its fate. He prefers to take life as it comes, without rigid plans.

Sundar C’s commitment to quality storytelling and the talented ensemble cast make “Aranmanai 4” a must-watch for horror-comedy enthusiasts. As we await further developments, one thing is certain: Sundar C’s fascination with the supernatural continues to captivate audiences.


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