SSMB29: Mahesh Babu plays dual role and has two different avatars

Mahesh Babu’s latest film “Guntur Karam” may have had a mixed response, but fans are eagerly awaiting his upcoming collaboration with the legendary director SS Rajamouli in SSMB29.

Riding high on the global success of “RRR,” Rajamouli is planning SSMB29 as a pan-world extravaganza. Rumors suggest Mahesh Babu underwent technical training in Germany, possibly for the film’s action sequences.

Adding to the excitement, reports claim SSMB29 will see Mahesh Babu in a dual role, portraying an intense character. The film is expected to begin production in August after a pooja ceremony.

Mahesh Babu Remuneration for SSMB29

According to speculations, The makers have finalized the title Maharaja out of Rajakumarudu and Maharaja. Makers are planning to use this title for the film. The actor is said to have asked the makers for a percentage in the film profits and doesn’t want to take remuneration given the massive budget film has.

Casting Rumors Swirl

Speculation is rife about the leading lady. Indonesian actress Chelsea Elizabeth Islan, following Rajamouli on Instagram, has fueled rumors of her involvement.

Fresh Team for Rajamouli?

While Rajamouli often relies on a familiar team, SSMB29 might see a shake-up in key technical departments, with new names for camera operator, editor, and production designer. However, core members like music director MM Keeravani and VFX supervisor Kamal Kannan are confirmed.

Indiana Jones Inspiration and Beyond

Whispers suggest SSMB29 draws inspiration from Indiana Jones adventures. Mahesh Babu is reportedly getting a complete makeover, including a six-pack physique.

Africa Awaits

The film’s story is confirmed to be an adventure thriller set in Africa. Rajamouli promises to showcase Mahesh Babu in a “Never Before Avatar”, with unparalleled technical finesse on a global scale. SSMB29 with its high-profile cast, directorial clout, and ambitious vision has all the ingredients to be a cinematic spectacle.

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