SS Rajamouli and son Karthikeya SURVIVES earthquake in Japan!

SS Rajamouli

An earthquake hit Japan, where SS Rajamouli and his son, SS Karthikeya, were staying. Karthikeya took to Twitter (X) and revealed that they’re safe.

On Thursday, March 21, SS Rajamouli and his son SS Karthikeya were in Japan when an earthquake occurred. According to reports, the earthquake’s preliminary magnitude was 5.3.

Karthikeya took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share a snapshot of his wristwatch with an earthquake warning and describe the occurrence. Karthikeya tagged SS Rajamouli and producer Shobu Yarlagadda in the shot, indicating that the RRR team was on the 28th level when the earthquake happened.

Karthikeya shared his experience and wrote, “Felt a freaking earthquake in Japan just now!!! Was on the 28th Floor and slowly the ground started to move and took us a while to realise it was an earthquake. I was just about to panic but all the Japanese around did not budge as if it just started to rain!! Experience an earthquake box ticked.”

Karthikeya’s post raised concerns among fans and social media users. Many prayed for their safe return to India. “I’m delighted you are all safe. “There may be aftershocks, so please be cautious today,” a fan said. “I’m delighted you are safe. “Please continue to be cautious,” another wrote. “I’m relieved to hear that you are safe, enjoy the rest of your stay!!” exclaimed one of the fans.

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