Shruti Hassan Fears Marriage!

Even though she is the daughter of a Superstar, Shruthi Hassan has established her own identity and achieved her success coming out of the Shadow of the great actor Kamal Hassan. A heartthrob for countless fans, Shruthi’s personal life is of great interest to the general public and media alike. For the past few years, there were rumours that she was seeing Shantanu Hazarika, a doodle artist. The actress herself posts her pics with him on Instagram occasionally. Asked about her relationship and the marriage in an interview, Shruti responded that she fears the marriage.

Though her contemporaries are marrying and some are even having children, there seems to be no hurry in Shruti’s case. Her mother Saarika and Kamal were divorced after marriage. Saarika later had tried relationships with a few others which are not too successful. On the other hand, Kamal too had relationships with a lot of women in his life which did not long too. Growing among these circumstances, no wonder why Shruti fears marriage. According to her, the relationship with honesty is a lot better than creating an unnecessary bond in the name of marriage. She is a dad’s daughter after all. Isn’t she?


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