RGV’s Shock To Hero Nithin!

Ram Gopal Varma is the kind of person who doesn’t really care about a second person. His entire world revolves completely around him and it’s up to others how they perceive his thinking and attitude. Even though a talented director once, Varma is considered a fade-out director nowadays. It’s not that there is a lack of skill but it’s the complete lack of application of his skill and experience and rather concentrating completely on earning money through shortcuts. This is what that had dragged down his range from being a most respected director who made movies like Siva, Satya, Sarkar etc to less than a B-Grade director who makes soft porn movies. Well, coming to the point here, the director has now decided to follow the current trend of re-releasing old movies. In this process, he gives shock to Tollywood actor Nithin.

RGV made a movie called Adavi back in 2009. The movie’s plot is loosely inspired by the Hollywood classic Predator. The movie was made bilingual and was released in Hindi with the title Ayaat. It has Nithin, Nisha Kothari aka Priyanka Kothari, Gautam Rode, Rasika Dugal in key roles. The film’s plot moves without any head and tail and even the finishing was left abruptly which resulted in the movie becoming a huge disaster. Varma has now decided to re-release this film. Well, no one can understand the director’s strategies. If he genuinely wants to release his old movies again, there are a lot of blockbusters to choose from. But, why did he choose Adavi is what has become a point of discussion on social media. Is it his way of making satire on the latest trend of re-releasing the star heroes’ old superhits? Only RGV can answer that. Whatever the reason is, it must be said that Nithin will be brought into the firing line with no involvement of his as the lowest point in his career would again be reminded to everyone.


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