Ravi Teja was Injured in the shoot?

Was Mass Maharaj Ravi Teja injured in a shoot? Currently, this is the news that is trending in the Telugu film industry. Ravi’s fans are worried about their star as no statement is issued from either the star or this movie team. As the talk goes, it’s being said that Ravi was injured while shooting the fight sequences of the Tiger Nageswar Rao movie. A rope for which Ravi was hanging was said to have loosened up, resulting in the actor falling from a considerable height. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, and the head injury needed 10 stitches, says the TFI gossips.

But the interesting part is, they say that the actor didn’t take a rest and immediately attended the movie shoot the next day and tried to complete the action sequences as soon as possible. This kind of hard work made him the star he is. Tiger Nageswara Rao is a real story about a thief who lived in Stuvartpuram and has terrified many through his thefts. His other movies in the pipeline are Rama Rao on Duty, Ravanasura, and Dhamaka. Interestingly, two of his movies this year have the names of two legendary actors NTR and ANR.


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