Jai Hanuman: Ranveer Singh Set to Portray Rama in Prasanth Varma’s Epic

Ranveer Singh is rumored to be teaming up with director Prasanth Varma. He is known for his work on ‘HanuMan,’ for an ambitious big-budget project. This upcoming film is described as an original period drama infused with mythological elements. The film is set to be promising to captivate audiences with its unique storytelling.

Ranveer Singh in Jai Hanuman

Prasanth Varma gained widespread acclaim with his recent film ‘HanuMan’. This achieved remarkable success at the box office. Following this triumph, Varma announced his next project, ‘Jai Hanuman’.This film is currently in the scripting stage. With a string of offers pouring in, Varma is gearing up to deliver something monumental. With his future endeavours, including this collaboration with Bollywood star Ranveer Singh.

Sources close to the production reveal that Varma has approached Ranveer Singh for a pivotal role in the film, and the actor is reportedly intrigued by the project. After multiple meetings and discussions, Ranveer has expressed his enthusiasm for the ambitious venture. However, both parties diligently check out the details before making an official announcement.

Ranveer and Prasanth Varma Film

Acknowledging the complexity and scale of such a project, Ranveer understands the importance of securing strong backing from reputable producers and studios. While he is impressed by the concept, script, and overall vision of the film, he is keen to ensure that all aspects are meticulously planned and executed. Negotiations are underway to finalize the necessary arrangements, including budgeting and production logistics.

In a significant development, it has been revealed that the film will be co-produced by two prominent figures in the Hindi cinema industry. Reports suggest that the project is slated to have a whopping budget of 200 crore. The involvement of esteemed producers  solidifies the project’s potential.

Initial speculation that Ranveer’s collaboration with Prasanth Varma might be for a sequel to ‘HanuMan.’ It has been clarified that this is an entirely new venture with a similar superhero concept. The duo has been working closely to develop a fresh narrative. To promise pushing the boundaries and resonate with audiences across demographics.


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