Pawan Kalyan Fans Set Fire Inside The Theater To Celebrate The Actors Re-release

Pawan Kalyan Fans Set Fire Inside The Theater

Fans become crazy for their favorite hero, and we have witnessed this many times where fans go to any extent to show their love towards the star. Sometimes, they also attempt things that can put many lives at risk. We saw this again in the theatres during the screening of Power Star Pawan Kalyan‘s re-release.

The Gabar Singh actor has a huge fandom in the Telugu film industry, and people die-hard love him. This incident is not the first time Pawan Kalyan fans have vandalized the theatres. This has happened many times previously. However, this time, fans lit a fire near the screen by piling up all the newspaper pieces in the release of Pawan Kalyan’s cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu, directed by Puri Jagannath. This video is doing the rounds on social media as the fans dance around the fire and push each other on as the fire rages on. This incident happened in Andhra Pradesh, in Nandyala. The re-release turned costly for the theatre owners.

Even during the release of Salman Khan‘s Tiger 3, fans burst crackers, creating terror in the hall, and people ran out. Salman Khan reacted to that incident and advised his fans not to risk their lives and others to celebrate. Many fans were arrested for creating a nuisance in theatres. Even after seeing such examples, fans continue to do such activities, not thinking that no celebrity would appreciate such behavior and not understanding the later consequences they and others face.

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