Nithin Was Called By Mistake?

Many cinephiles and political analysts wondered when the BJP party met with actor Nithin recently. The party president JP Nadda has met with Nithin for reasons unknown. Before this meeting, Central Home Minister Amit Shah met with Young Tiger Ntr. While the latter meeting made sense, no one understood why did BJP head meet a Tier-2 Tollywood hero who is not even among any hits in recent times. Now, after a few days of the happening, a few speculations are making rounds in the Tolly and political circles.

It is already known that Nikhil Siddartha’s Karthikeya 2 was a sensational hit all around India. Especially in the Hindi belt, the film is still going strong and it has long crossed the Rs 100 Crore gross mark as well. With the concept of Lord Krishna’s Dwaraka, the film struck a chord with the Hindi belt, where Sri Krishna is prayed to as the main god in many places. It’s noteworthy that the film also aligns with the BJP’s Hindu Dharma. As a result, it is said that the BJP national leadership wanted to meet Nikhil and congratulate him on making a movie on Hindu Dharma.

The leadership is said to have thought of the film’s success will help them politically if they meet with Nikhil. But, because of the communication gap and the improper understanding by state BJP leaders, Nithin was called to meet JP Nadda instead of Nikhil. This has become a trolling point on social media for anti-BJP and opposition social media wings.

If this is true, then it must be said that meeting with Nithin is an obviously embarrassing moment for the BJP leaders. If they will again meet Nikhil and rectify their wrong step, or stop here rather than dragging it further, will have to be seen.



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