Netflix Bags “Thandel” Rights, Chay’s got lady luck??

Yuvasamrat Naga Chaitanya, known for his impressive performances, has been making waves in the Telugu film industry. His recent project, “Thandel,” directed by Chandoo Mondeti and produced under the Geetha Arts banner, has garnered significant attention. The film promises a unique blend of rustic love and patriotism, making it a hot topic among movie enthusiasts.

The Buzz Around “Thandel”

The first glimpses of “Thandel” showcased a captivating mix of patriotism and magical love. Naga Chaitanya’s chemistry with Sai Pallavi in the working stills and posters left fans eagerly anticipating the film’s release. The movie, based on real incidents, promises an emotional rollercoaster with its rustic love drama.

Netflix Bags “Thandel” Rights:

In a groundbreaking move, the leading streaming platform Netflix secured the digital rights for “Thandel” across all languages. The staggering deal amounted to a whopping ₹40 crores—the highest-ever digital deal for Naga Chaitanya. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for both the actor and the film.

Craze for Naga Chaitanya and Chandoo Mondeti Combo

The massive digital deal underscores the immense popularity of Naga Chaitanya and the anticipation surrounding “Thandel.” Fans eagerly await the film’s release, and the collaboration between Naga Chaitanya and director Chandoo Mondeti has only intensified the buzz. With Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad’s music adding to the film’s appeal, “Thandel” is poised to be a cinematic treat.

Allu Aravind’s Presentation and Bunny Vasu’s Lavish Production

“Allu Aravind,” the renowned producer and founder of Geetha Arts, presents “Thandel.” The film is being produced lavishly by Bunny Vasu, ensuring that it lives up to the high expectations set by its pre-release buzz.

In summary, “Thandel” is not just a movie; it’s an event. With Naga Chaitanya’s star power, Chandoo Mondeti’s directorial finesse, and Netflix’s record-breaking deal, this film is poised to make waves in the entertainment industry. Buckle up for an emotional journey as “Thandel” hits the screens soon!


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