Naga Babu is only hosting dinners with movie producers budget?

Naga Babu mostly mobilizes Mega Fans. The middle child of the Konidela family is known for safeguarding the image and stardom of his brothers and nephews. However, as per inside sources, Mega Fans are upset with Naga Babu.

Naga Babu mobilizes the fans of the Mega family whenever a film is released. He organizes dinners and motivates the fans to show excitement during the film’s release. Naga Babu directly connects with the Mega fans during the film’s release.

Usually, the fans contribute by erecting cardboard cutouts of the actors, promoting their actors with different banners on the release date, and making a lot of noise about the film on the show’s first day. However, they have yet to receive invitations to Varun Tej’s reception.

Mega Fans have anticipated the invitations to the reception for the Gandeevadhari Arjuna actor and actress Lavanya Tripathi held in Hyderabad. Disappointed senior fans asked for a separate gathering for all mega fans on the occasion of Varun and Lav’s wedding, but Naga Babu declined, citing the expenses involved.

Regrettably, he pointed out that arranging an event for fans would cost him lakhs of rupees. This concluded that he only promotes Mega films and organises dinners during Mega hero’s films, which respective movie producers may have covered. Fans’ disappointment sure reveals the inside behaviour of celebrities sometimes.

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