Manchu Vishnu’s Kannappa Teaser Out

Vishnu Manchu’s ambitious film, ‘Kannappa’, is set to reveal its teaser. The grand unveiling is scheduled for May 20, 2024, during the Cannes International Film Festival. This event is expected to be a significant milestone for the team behind ‘Kannappa’.

The Making of a Dream

Currently, ‘Kannappa’ is in the midst of production, with notable actors like Akshay Kumar, Mohanlal, and Prabhas playing pivotal roles. Vishnu Manchu, who is not only the lead actor but also the producer, has invested a substantial budget of Rs 200 crore, with a significant portion allocated to the cast’s salaries. While Akshay Kumar will be playing as Lord Shiva in the film, Prabhas is rumored to see in Maha Nandi Avatar.

Kannappa Cast

The narrative of ‘Kannappa’ is inspired by a true story. The film features Vishnu’s father, the esteemed Mohan Babu, in a crucial role. The producers aim to release the movie in Hindi and various South Indian languages, ensuring a wide reach.

Promotional Strategy

A considerable amount of the budget is being channeled into the promotion of ‘Kannappa’. Vishnu has engaged a prominent PR agency to manage the promotional activities, highlighting the importance he places on the film’s marketing.

Direction and Expectations

Mukesh Kumar Singh helms the directorial role for ‘Kannappa’. With the industry’s eyes on him, there’s a palpable expectation for the film to succeed. Akshay Kumar has completed his shooting schedule, while Prabhas is in the process of filming his scenes. The upcoming teaser is anticipated to feature these stars prominently.

‘Kannappa’ represents a significant undertaking for Vishnu Manchu and his team. As the film progresses through its production phase, the anticipation for its teaser at Cannes reflects the high hopes pinned on this cinematic venture. The film’s success could mark a new chapter in Indian cinema, showcasing the potential for large-scale projects within the industry.


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