Kajal Aggarwal reveals her desire to work with these actors

Kajal Aggarwal began her acting career with a minor role in the Hindi film “Kyun! Ho Gaya Na…”. However, it was in Telugu cinema that she truly made her mark. Her debut Telugu film, “Lakshmi Kalyanam”, may not have been a box office success, but it paved the way for her impressive filmography. Kajal Aggarwal reveals her desire to work with these actors.

The anticipation for Kajal Aggarwal’s upcoming film ‘Satyabhama’ is palpable. Set to hit the screens on 7th June, her role in this film is already the talk of the town. As always, Kajal is ready to captivate her audience with her performance.

Kajal Aggarwal reveals her desire:

Kajal has been promoting the film for quite some time. She has been conducting interviews in the South and meeting her fans as a part of promotions. This never-before role made fans get excited about the film.

In a recent interview, Kajal was asked to choose two South Indian actresses to do a film like Crew, which is a multi-starrer. Kajal Aggarwal has admired Nayanthara and Anushka, revealing her desire to work with them in a multi-starrer film. Their collaboration would undoubtedly be a treat for the audience, creating magic on screen.

Kajal Aggarwal was also asked ‘Did you ever imagine or wish living in any other’s life?’. To this, Kajal answered sensibly saying, ”As an actress, Its an advantage that we get to play different lives on screen. That actually helps us grow better and Know more about perspectives and lives”. This answer took the limelight.

The trailer of the film ‘Satyabhama’ has set the expectations very high on the film. As the film is an action film bound by emotions, All sort of audience are expected to be enjoying the film. Kajal and her fans are very excited about this film. They call this film as her career best film.



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