Janvi and Raj Kumar Rao are on Mr and Mrs Mahi’s date

Janhvi Kapoor and Raj Kumar Rao are currently promoting their upcoming film ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’. The film is all set to release on the 31st of May. With their unwavering dedication, the lead actors have been tirelessly promoting the film in different states, attending interviews and events. Janvi and Raj Kumar Rao are on Mr and Mrs Mahi’s date.

The actors spoke about the film and cleared up all the speculations related to the film’s title. The title ‘Mr and Mrs Mahi’ led to speculations that the film is based on the life of Mr and Mrs Mahi, The former captain of the Indian Cricket team. But the actors revealed that the names of both leads are similar and their nicknames are the same, that is, Mahi. But it’s not the story of Mr Mahi.

Janhvi Kapoor had to get trained for two years with intense practice of 4 hours a day. The practice initially included 500 balls a day, and then after two shoulder dislocations happened due to the intense training, They had to reduce the practice to a much lesser count. After two years of struggle and intense pain. They made this film, and it is all set for release.

Janvi and Raj Kumar Rao are on Mr and Mrs Mahi’s date:

The actors Raj Kumar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor are promoting the film in every possible way. As this film is based on Cricket and also a bunch of emotions, They came up with a great idea to promote the film.

Janhvi kapoor and Raj kumar Rao AKA Mr and Mrs Mahi went on a cricket date to the finale of IPL match between KKR and SRH. They posted their pictures from the match on their instagram handle. And captioned it ”Mr and Mrs Mahis’ day out 💜”. Janhvi kapoor appeared in a white and green out fit where Raj Kumar rao appeared in yellow shirt. And surprisingly, Janhvi’s predjction of the winning team of the IPL came true which left everyone shocked.


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