Imtiaz Ali’s Ambitious Project: A Film on Eternal Love

Imtiaz Ali, the acclaimed filmmaker known for his soul-stirring narratives, has recently revealed his plans to create a cinematic masterpiece based on the timeless love story of Radha and Krishna. This epic saga, steeped in mythology and folklore, has captured hearts across generations, transcending cultural boundaries and geographical limitations.Imtiaz Ali’s Ambitious Project: A Film on Eternal Love.

The Long-Awaited Project

Back in 2018, Imtiaz Ali announced his intention to bring Radha and Krishna’s love story to the silver screen. Reliance Entertainment initially backed the project, but due to various reasons, it remained in the realm of anticipation. Now, the director has broken his silence and shared his thoughts on the film’s progress.

Inspiration from Radha and Krishna

In an interview with News 18 Showsha, Imtiaz Ali expressed his deep fascination with Radha and Krishna’s tales. He acknowledged that their love story resonates with him on a profound level. However, he emphasised that creating this film requires more than just external factors—it demands an internal transformation. Imtiaz stated, “I want to make the Radha Krishna film. I’m very inspired by their stories and the mythology. But I’ve to bring myself to a position where I can make it, and by that I don’t mean a physical position. It’s just that I need to imbibe some of the characteristics of Radha and Krishna in myself to be able to make that film.”

Waiting for the Right Time

Imtiaz Ali understands that storytelling is not merely about technique; it’s about channeling emotions and experiences. He patiently awaits the right moment to share this enchanting love saga with Indian audiences. His plea to viewers? Pray for the realization of this dream project. As he aptly puts it, “That time will come, hopefully. To all those who want to watch this film, I would urge them to pray that I can make it.”

A Journey of Love and Devotion

Radha and Krishna’s love transcends earthly boundaries. Their divine connection, filled with passion, sacrifice, and unwavering devotion, has inspired poets, artists, and seekers for centuries. Imtiaz Ali’s vision aims to capture this ethereal romance on celluloid, weaving together the threads of spirituality, longing, and eternal companionship.


As Imtiaz Ali continues to evolve as a filmmaker, we eagerly await the day when Radha and Krishna’s love story graces the silver screen. Until then, let us immerse ourselves in their timeless tale, knowing that when the stars align, this cinematic masterpiece will unfold—a tribute to love’s enduring legacy.

Imtiaz Ali’s ambition to create a film based on Radha and Krishna’s eternal love story has piqued curiosity among cinephiles. The director’s desire to imbibe the essence of these iconic characters before bringing their saga to life reflects his commitment to authenticity. As we wait for this magical project, let’s celebrate the timeless love that Radha and Krishna symbolize!


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