From Action Sequences to Being Spiritually Inclined: Raashii Khanna spills the beans about Yodha co-star Sidharth Malhotra

Sidharth Malhotra, known across the industry for his charming personality, has been receiving praise not just from fans, but his co-stars as well. Recently Raashii Khanna, his co-star from the upcoming action flick ‘Yodha’, showered him with praise during an Instagram ‘Ask Me Anything’ session.

The actress expressed her admiration for Sidharth’s disciplined work ethic and dedication, saying “It was a great experience working with Sidharth, He is so disciplined, and he has put in a large amount of effort for ‘Yodha‘ particularly in the action sequences, he has given it all. I want the world to see the hard work and commitment he has poured into this project.”

Revealing a previously unknown side of Sidharth, Raashii added, “He is an amazing guy, not just in front of the camera but as a person too. What surprises me is his spiritual side. He’s well-sorted in his head, and that’s something I truly appreciate about him.”

The duo seems to have built a genuine friendship off-screen, and Raashii’s words provide a glimpse into Sidharth’s personality, speaking volumes of how Sidharth is not just a talented actor but also grounded, dedicated, and spiritually inclined.

As the excitement for Yodha’s release builds up, Raashii Khanna’s heartfelt praise for Sidharth Malhotra enhances the anticipation for the upcoming action film and builds enthusiasm among fans to see Sidharth in his next action avatar.

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