Dunki Digital Rights sold at a whopping price

“Dunki” brings together an ensemble cast of superstars under the masterful direction of Rajkumar Hirani, known for his exceptional storytelling and impactful films. The presence of Shah Rukh Khan, whose performances have enthralled audiences for decades, adds immense star power to the project. Alongside him, Tapsee Pannu and Vicky Kaushal, known for their versatility and dedication to their craft, promise to deliver memorable performances. With this incredible combination of talent, “Dunki” has become one of the most eagerly awaited films.
As per reports the sale of “Dunki’s” digital rights to Jio Cinema for a record-breaking sum of 150 crores has further elevated the anticipation and excitement surrounding this star-studded film. Jio Cinema’s acquisition of the digital rights for “Dunki” marks a significant milestone in the streaming platform’s commitment to providing high-quality content to its subscribers. This multi-crore deal not only showcases the platform’s dedication to securing exclusive content but also demonstrates its recognition of the immense potential of “Dunki” to captivate audiences. Jio Cinema’s extensive reach and user base ensure that the film will have a wide and diverse audience eagerly awaiting its digital release.
The scheduled release of “Dunki” during Christmas 2023 adds an extra layer of excitement for moviegoers. The festive season is traditionally associated with the release of highly anticipated films, and “Dunki” is expected to be no exception. As families come together to celebrate, the film’s release promises to be a highlight of the holiday season, attracting audiences of all ages to theaters.
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