An unknown person paid Sonu Sood’s bill! Here’s what he wrote in a note.

Sonu Sood is one of the most popular actors of Indian cinema, Not just for his acting but also for his great humanity. This actor received a great recognition with a few challenging roles like Arundathi, Sita, Abhinetri, Julayi, Athadu, etc with his exceptional talent. This actor appears in many languages in India from main villain to lead actors friend, he nails it in any role with his charm.

This actor is reffered to as the Real Hero of Indian Cinema from the time of Covid Pandemic. Where lives were tough and days were terrible. There are very less chances that a middle class family or lower middle class family to survive the pandemic. And if anyone is infected with covid, The hope of life is zero. Where everyone is struggling to meet the ends of the monh and trying hard to survive the day. And the containment zones, the lives there are terrible.

Then entered the real hero, With whatever he has, he kept all his earnings to help the poor. He is also known for his ethics and values for not forgetting the fact that its the viewers and audiences that made him a star and when they all needed a helping hand, he was there. He spend millions of rupees to the welfare of humans and helped many people to survive the global pandemic and also helped many underpreviliged students to study again.

To all his generous acts and kind gestures, he got a sweet return gift at Dubai. When Sonu sood was dining at a restaurant in Dubai, an unknown person who knew about his heroism paid the bill for him and left a sweet note to show his gratitude for him. He wrote, ”Thank you for all the good work you do for the country”. This made everyone in the country smile and there are speculations that the person might be an Indian. To this Hero, this kind gestures are a simple return gifts or thanking him for the good things he has done for the country and the citizens.

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