ACHARYA EFFECT: Sarkari Vaari Paata Facing the HEAT

The Government of Telangana has permitted a ticket price hike for films these days. Recently we witnessed that makers of RRR, PUSHPA, KGF 2, and ACHARYA increased the price of tickets

Only fans and movie lovers are very keen to watch movies on the first day. Regular audiences are no way near the theater due to the price hike. If a film is doing well around the circle, no one has any problem with the price of the ticket, if it is not going well at the box office, they express their disappointment to the makers and distributors. Recently, the makers of acharya took permission from the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments to increase the ticket price hike and the price of the all around the Telangana in multiplexes set to be sold at Rs 350 and single-screen will be 230. It has become a huge discussion topic among press meets and film circles these days.

Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Acharya failed to entertain the audience at the box office. Megastar fans and the Telugu audience felt disappointed with the way the film-shaped. Despite the price hike, the audience and distributors spend a lot of money to watch their favorite stars on the silver screen but these high-pricing ticket modules give a headache to the distributors. Distributors are left with empty pockets if a film fails at the box office. The audience is slowly fed up with the way ticket prices are proceeding and eventually, they stop coming to the theatres.

Even big films are struggling to pull the audience to the theatre these days. Due to the failure of the acharya, Distributors are not keen to buy Mahesh babu SARKARIVAARIPAATA (svp) at a high price and they are planning to do a safe bet. To consider their problems, the makers of SVP and Mahesh babu rethought the ticket hike price and tried to adjust the pricing modules from the second day of its release.
SARKARI VAARI PAATA Is the most anticipated film in Mahesh Babu’s career and it’s gearing up to release on 12th May. The makers of the film recently released the theatrical trailer and it got applauded by the movie lovers.


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