Claws Out: The Global Box Office Triumph of ‘The Garfield Movie (3D)’

Claws Out: The Global Box Office Triumph of ‘The Garfield Movie (3D)’. The Garfield Movie (3D) has taken the global box office by storm, captivating audiences with its delightful feline adventure. Directed by Mark Dindal and featuring an all-star cast, this animated film promises humor, heart, and plenty of catitude.

Global Success and Regional Highlights

International Box Office

The film’s international box office earnings have soared to an impressive $49 million. Chris Pratt’s portrayal of the lasagna-loving Garfield has resonated with audiences worldwide, particularly in Mexico and Germany.


In Mexico, the movie grossed $1.9 million in its third weekend, bringing its total haul to $15.3 million. Audiences have embraced Garfield’s antics south of the border.


Germany also contributed significantly to the film’s success. Ticket sales dropped only 14% in its third frame, resulting in a German total of $3.4 million.

Indian Box Office

In India, The Garfield Movie had a modest start, earning Rs 80 lakh on its opening day. Despite Varun Sharma lending his voice to the Hindi version, major collections came from the English version. Over the weekend, the film saw jumps in collections, earning a total of Rs 4.25 crore in its first weekend.

Upcoming Debuts

With over 8,800 screens across 27 markets, The Garfield Movie is poised for upcoming debuts in key territories such as Saudi Arabia, the UK, Indonesia, Australia, Poland, France, and Japan. These openings are expected to maintain the film’s international momentum as it prepares for its US release on May 24.

The Plot

The Garfield Movie follows the fur-raising adventure of Garfield and his sidekick Odie, voiced by Harvey Guillén. Forced to swap their life of luxury for a risky, laughter-filled heist, the duo embarks on a journey that promises more shenanigans than a cat chasing a laser pointer.


Claws Out: The Global Box Office Triumph of ‘The Garfield Movie (3D)’. As audiences eagerly await the film’s US release, we wonder: Will Garfield land on his feet? Stay tuned to find out if this escapade is a “purr-fect” triumph or a delightful “cat”-astrophe.


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