Ways to Survive an Earthquake

Earthquake is a natural disaster.

Here are ways to survive an earthquake.

The neck and head are often mentioned as they are the sensitive parts of the body and are prone to damage when a roof or a sealing is bound to fall.

1)When Inside A Shelter

Hide under a table or the bed that will protect your head and neck.

Protect your head and neck with the help of your hands, a book or a pillow

 If in a wheelchair or seeking any support, try hiding under a table, and if not possible, stay seated and put away anything that is not secured with the wheelchair; a pillow or a book could come in handy to protect your neck and head.

2) When Outside or at the seashore or above water

 Make sure you are away from trees, buildings or any immense structures that could fall

Bend to the ground and stay low until the shaking stops.

 Avoid sinkholes, drainages, earth/utility wires, electrical wires, petrol bunks, or fuel tanks

Stop safely in a car and try getting down the vehicle if it is safe.

Do not speed up or drive on a bridge, as you may suffer an accident

3) When in a crowded area

 Don't reach out to doorways, as everyone is in on escaping.

Hide beneath the seat if accurate.