Tripti reveals her Initial fears to make a career in acting

Tripti Dimri is a well Known Bollywood actress

This actress started her career with the film ''Mom'' as a side artist.

She made her debut in the lead role ''Laila Majnu''

And she got a good recognition with her films 'BulBul' and 'Qala'

Tripti recently shot the Internet with her recent film 'Animal'

She got a great recognition for her bold role in the film.

This actress is currently the most happening actress in Indian Film Industry.

Tripti recently revealed how her parents reacted when she decided to act

Tripti revealed that she was a very socially akward and Introvert by nature.

So when she decided to act in films, her parents were tensed

Her parents asked her how she would manage meeting many people and socially be fine

After so much of efforts, She overcame her fears and social anxiety

Tripti will be having a lined up of films in the near future