Travel Guide: Visiting these four Genuine Christmas countries will not disappoint you

Christmas is one of the most celebrated festivals worldwide.

December 25th of every year is celebrated as Christmas marking the birth anniversary of the Christ.

Here is a list of four countries that celebrate Christmas grandly.

1. Edinburgh

 Christmas is celebrated for more than a month and a half in Edinburgh.

East and West Princes Street Gardens, George Street, and St Andrew Square became the city's cultural and most visited places.

2. New York

 The City of Dreams is also the busiest place as it turns enchanting during the time of Christmas.

The city's  amusement parks Bronx Zoo Holiday Light Show, NYC Winter Lantern Festival, Dyker Heights Holiday Lights, and Santa's Secret are a few of the most enjoyed and recommended places for both children and adults.

3. Prague

 The traditional celebration encompassing the singing of Christmas Carols, visiting cemeteries, and decorating the Christmas tree makes Prague one of the most classic and cultural places in the West.

Christmas is celebrated from December 2nd till January 6th.

4. Copenhagen

 The capital of Denmark celebrates Christmas for two days, the 24th and 25th and is the wealthiest country in the world.

 A notable thing about this country is they are keen on decorating a specific tree on the day of Christmas, known as Juletræet, 1. The natives of Denmark celebrate Family togetherness during Christmas.