How destiny  bought  Sid Kiara together

Siddarth Malhotra is a well known Indian Actor

He is one of the hottest and talented actors in B Town

Kiara Advani made a mark for herself in the Film Industry

Kiara is well adored for her unique selection of scripts

well, Let's see how destiny got this two souls together for the rest of their lives

These actors met in the sets of Shershah, Their first film together

Both the actors were a very good friends initially, they didn't rush into dating

After knowing eachother well and then they decided this is what they want for rest of their lives

But, They didn't rush into things, they were slow and steady and kept it private

They had their fights too, they had tproblems etc but what made them stay?

Their efforts, Sid never felt anything is too much for her and ki never ignored his efforts

They care for each other as much as they understand each other

They find home in each other and maintain no secrets and don't disturb eachother's space

Giving space to your partner is also important and Sid is a pro at understanding his woman.

And then they got married and embracing the love for a lifetime