Second-Day Sizzle: 10 Indian Delights That Age Like Fine Wine

Indian cuisine is a vibrant tapestry of flavours, spices, and textures, offering a delectable journey  for the senses.

While some dishes like fluffy dosas and crispy samosas are best enjoyed fresh, there's a hidden side to Indian food

a realm where flavours deepen and aromas intensify. Textures transform, culminating in dishes that taste even better the next day

these 10 Indian dishes that sing a symphony of taste when given a second chance

1. Rajma  Masala

2. Dal  Makhani

3. Biryani

4. Pav  Bhaji

5. Chole

6. Korma

7. Kadhi

8. Sarson ka  Saag

9. Khichdi

10. Masala  Dosa