Savour Ugadi Pachadi, what goes into the Udagi Pachadi?

Ugadi in simple is the Telugu New Year

Ugadi Pachadi is a delicacy enjoyed by Telugu Households on the occasion of Ugadi. 

Here are the few ingredients that go into the Ugadi Pachadi

Neem Flowers (Vepa Puvvu): – Bitterness: Represents the challenges and difficulties one encounters in life. – Signifies sadness and difficulties in life that one must accept and overcome.

Jaggery (Bellam): – Sweetness: Symbolizes happiness and joy in life. – Represents the pleasant experiences and sweetness that one encounters.

Raw Mango (Mamidi): – Sourness: Represents the tanginess and unpredictability of life. – Signifies the ups and downs, the twists and turns that life brings.

Tamarind (Chintapandu): – Sourness: Similar to raw mango, it represents the sour experiences of life. – Reminds one of the challenges and hardships faced along the journey.

Pepper (Miriyalu): – Spiciness: Represents the surprise elements and obstacles in life. – Signifies the unexpected events and challenges that spice up life.

Salt (Uppu): – Saltiness: Represents the importance of balance in life. – Signifies the necessity of maintaining equilibrium amidst the different flavors of life.

Water: – Symbolizes purity and cleansing. – Represents the purification of the soul and the beginning of a new cycle.