Mithila Palkar is a self taught singer and here's a lot more you don't know about the actress

Mithila Palkar from Social Media to Mainstream Cinema she has done it all

Mithila Palkar last appeared in Ori Devuda alongside Vishwak Sen.

The actress started her career as a social media influencer.

#1 Mithila Palkar is loved for her performance in the tiny sketches of most viewed Youtube Channel Filtercopy

#2 She reportedly charges 2 lakhs per an episode for web-series.

#3 Mithila Palkar charges over 80 lakhs for a film. 

#4 Mithila has an annual income of 1.3 crores suggest the reports.

#5 The actress has appeared alongside established stars like Vishwak Sen and Dulquer Salman.

#6 She has modeled for top brands and commercials.

#7 Mithila Palkar's net-worth as per 2023 is around 49 crores.