Manushi Chillar beauty secrets

Manushi Chillar is former Miss World and Actress.

Manushi has a flaw less skin and beautiful smile.

Let's have a look at the beauty secrets of this beauty.

Manushi Chillar has a unique definition for beauty.

I think my definition of beauty would be to be yourself, be confident about who you are.

Manushi starts her day with cleansing her face and pampering the skin.

She pampers her skin with a restoring serum and a repair cream. she locks the protection with a moisturizer.

She never skips the sunscreen to protect her skin from sun damage.

Manushi never hits the sack without removing the make up to keep her skin healthy.

Manushi prefers to exfoliate her skin once in a week to get rid of dirt on her face.

Manushi never skips her workout to be consistent with her health and skin glow.

Manushi believes that what you put inside is what reflects outside.

So, she believes it's important to have healthy diet that reflects on her skin and health.

Manushi currently has a lined up of 4 movies Telugu and Hindi languages.