Lighten Up Your Feast: 10 Delicious Indian Snacks for a Cholesterol-Friendly Celebration

Every day is a festival for vibrant decorations, joyous celebrations, and an abundance of delicious treats.

While indulging in the rich mithai and fried savouries is part of the tradition,

maintaining heart health amidst the festivities is equally essential.

This year, embrace a delightful balance with these 10 Indian snacks that are both lip-smacking and cholesterol-friendly

1. Sprouted Mung Dal Cheela

2. Makhana Porridge

3. Vegetable  Upma

4. Oats  Ladoo

5. Baked Samosa Chaat

6. Besan Cheela with Spinach

7. Roasted Makhana with Spices

8. Poha with Peanuts and Vegetables

9. Yogurt Parfait with Fruit and Seeds

10. Baked Vegetable Spring Rolls