5 Reasons why HanuMan is a must watch Sankranthi film

Prashanth Varma's directorial HanuMan is all set to hit the theatres this Sankranthi.

The film happens to be the first Pan-Indian superhero film.

Here are 5 reasons why Teja Sajja starrer HanuMan is a must watch this Sankranthi in the theatres.

#1 HanuMan is a mythological action entertainer which is applicable to all age viewers.

#2 The film stars various actors and no actor is casted for the sake of a character who keeps the film going.

#3 A content based film, which focuses on narrating a story and is not only about just elevating a character.

#4 The admired duo director Prasanth Varma and proved hero Teja Sajja delivered a decent hit like Zombie Reddy and attempt to bring best content forward.

#5 The VFX and the action sequences can be best enjoyed in the theatres.

#6 The director and the artists respect the opportunity and the craft they are blessed with which makes them only deliver the best of the best.

#7 Powerful renditions and bgm is a treat to the melomaniacs

The film is all set to release on 12th January 2024 and the premiere is set to begin on 11th January

HanuMan will hit the the theatres in over 12 languages.