How haters are respecting Ananya Panday all of a sudden?

Ananya Panday is one of the well known Star kids of Bollywood.

This actress got alot of negativity for being a star kid in the industry

But she have always been so positive and strong throughout the phase

Ananya also has a lot of haters just because she was born in a B town biggie home

She got a lot of love from haters all of a sudden

The reason behind this is her fellow star kids

Yes, The film archies got her so much love and respect

As the haters were trolling ananya for being a star kid and as not talented

After the release of Archies, Viewers got to know what exactly nepotism is

viewers got to know that Archies casted zero talented actors just because they are Star Kids

After seeing their acting and talent, haters decided to apologize Ananya

As they realized that Ananya was 110 times better than the other  star kids.

And her recent Psychologocial film 'Kho Gaye Hum Kahan' is getting appreciated for the message