Here's Why Fatima Sana Shaikh is a 10 

Here are 10 reasons why Fatima Sana Shaikh is a 10.

#1 She can play the role of a rebel and a timid young lady flawlessly.

#2 Fatima is a sassy and a high standard woman.

#3  In an interview when asked about how she handles trolls, she replied, " I feel bad for their sad life that they cannot spread positivity."

#4 Fatima cut her long hair for her role in Dangal and wouldn't mind doing that again for a role.

#5  Fatima is a director's girl, she believes in the director's vision. 

#6 The actress apart from believing in the director's vision also chooses her roles carefully.

#7 Fatima's performance makes director's believe she can pull of any role.

#8 While the actress feared playing Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's role, her director believe kept her going. 

Even after being called the best Indira Gandhi on screen, the actress was seen crediting Meghana Gulzar for having given hger that offer to her.

#9 The Dangal girl is a Dhakkad Girl.

#10 Fatima's choice in her roles makes her fans feel proud over and over again.

The Dhak Dhak actress treats the trollers also generously, which makes her stand out among others and makes her a 10.