Here's what is so special about March 23rd 2024

Earth Hour is a World Wildlife Fund initiative to protect the Earth and safeguard its resources. 

Hyderabad is going to celebrate it's first Earth Hour on March 23rd 2024

The Earth Hour initially was first celebrated on 31st March 2007 in Sydney, soon many countries marched in to join the moment.

Hyderabad will go dark from night 8:30 pm to 9:30pm on March 23rd 2024.

The local government has put in a request to minimalize the use or make no use of any Electrical services during these hours as an attempt to safeguard the planet.

Hyderabad's first earth hour, will not limit medical services nor any other emergency services will be put on hold. 

Earth Hour is also celebrated to promote commitment and sustainability to the planet Earth.

Around 190 + countries are a part of this moment.

The forum claims to practice this moment to spread awareness on Climate change

This year's main agenda is to spread awareness on the adverse changes of the climate that could be a possible threat to the mankind.