From Son to Savior: A Portrait of Rama in 10 Virtues that Defined His Epic Journey

Lord Shree Rama, the central figure of the epic Ramayana, is revered as an embodiment of righteousness, courage, and compassion.

His life and deeds continue to inspire millions across the globe,

serving as a timeless guide for leading a meaningful and ethical life.

what truly defines Lord Rama's character? Here, we delve into 10 of his most defining attributes

1. Righteousness  (Dharma)

2. Filial Piety  (Putra Bhakti)

3. Fraternal Love  (Bharat Bhakti)

4. Conjugal Fidelity  (Ekapatni Vratastha)

5. Courage and  Strength (Veerya)

6. Forgiveness and Compassion  (Kshama and Daya)

7. Humility and  Modesty  (Vinamrata)

8. Leadership and Responsibility  (Raj Dharma)

9. Gratitude and Remembrance (Kripa and Krutajna)

10. Self-discipline and Control (Dama)