Extraordinary Attorney Woo to All Of Us Dead Kdrama sequels to release in 2024

Zombie Apocalyptic dramas to feel good dramas, various kdramas have been renewed for a sequel.

Check out, if your favorite Kdrama's sequel is going to released in 2024.

#1 Gyeongseong Creature 2  (Netflix) January 5th 2024

#2 All Of Us Are Dead 2 (Netflix) yet to finalise the release date

#3 Sweet Home 3 (Netflix) expected to release in Summer 2024

#4 Extraordinary Attorney Woo 2(Netflix) The drama's filming is yet to commence

#5 2 Squid Game (Netflix) yet to finalise the release date

#6 Weak Hero 2 (Netflix) Release date yet to be finalised

#7 Pachinko 2  (Apple TV) Expected to release in 2023

#8 Hellbound 2 (Netflix) Expected to release in 2024