Shruthi Haasan in Puri Jagganath's Businessman 

Businessman is a movie that created many controversies and records

This a second action thriller under combination of Puri and Mahesh

kajal Aggarwal played the female lead in this  action thriller

But according to the sources kajal was not the first choice for this role

Shruthi Haasan was first considered as the female lead for this film

Puri reached Suriya and Shruthi during the shoot  of 7th Sense

To make a multilingual movie under the concept of RGV titled  The Businessman

But somehow Shruthi Haasan was not roped for this role

Later Kajal Aggarwal was offered to play this role for one crore

This made Kajal Aggarwal’s first movie with Mahesh and Puri

In the same year Shruthi Haasan scored a blockbuster  with Gabbarsingh

Reportedly Mahesh Babu Had is First Onscreen kiss with Kajal in this movie