Are you a Teja Sajja fan, here are 5 times, Teja Sajja made his fans proud

Teja Sajja's love for films is no secret.

The actor's love to make new and good content film is never ending.

Here are 5 times when the actor made his fans proud to be his admirer.

#1 A Loyal Fan

Teja Sajja is a huge fan of Megastar Chiranjeevi, and his love for his favourite star has no bounds.

#2 Passionate Actor

The actor's directors often praise the actor for his professionalism and passion for his craft.

#3 Newcomer with New Vision

Teja Sajja's attempts to never repeat a role and or a character, he keeps it real and authentic.

#4 Polite and Down To Earth Personality

Amidst all the controversies the actor has politely and patiently answered and addressed all the questions in the most composed manner.

#5 Doesn't Compromise for less

The actor began auditioning from 2014, and rejected four films because he wanted to do and deliever the best and not compromise for less.