6 mind-blowing sources of income that makes Hrithik's massive network

Hrithik Roshan is one of the most handsome and powerful actors in Bollywood

This actor is one of the finest actors who can grab the audience with his one look of his on screen

Hrithik has a massive networth of 3101 crores

This actor charges for about 65 to 75 crores  per film

but apart from this there are 6 massive sources of income that sums up as his whopping networth

Hrithik has his own clothing and accessories brand HRX with net value of 200 cr

Hrithik makes various investments on startups to explore new ways of income

Hrithik's brand value makes him charge around 3 to 6 crores per brand endorsement

Hrithik's nerwork is so vast that he charges around 5 crores per promotional post on his social media accounts

Hrithik makes a large share  of his networth through the production house for which he paid 33 crores to setup  an office

Hrithik makes around 2 crores per episode on tv that makes him highest paid actors on tv

This actor is currently busy with a linedup of his powerful films

and also this 50 year old actor is still ruling the worlds of audience with his charm