Shakeela Out On OTT: Where to Watch

In 2020, Richa Chadha released “Shakeela,” a biopic about the adult cinema star from the 1990s who acted in various Indian languages.

The film has now made its way to OTT platforms, available for streaming on ShemarooMe. Directed and written by Indrajit Lankesh. The movie also features notable performances by Pankaj Tripathi and Rajeev Pillai in supporting roles.

Story Overview of Shakeela

“Shakeela” is based on the true story of an adult South Indian actress. Tracing her journey from a humble upbringing in a small village in southern India. To the highs and lows of her tumultuous acting career. The film explores the personal and professional struggles of Shakeela, highlighting the complexities of her life in the adult film industry.

Richa Chadha’s Insights on Shakeela

In an interview with Latestly, Richa Chadha discussed Shakeela’s initial reluctance to become an actress or a famous star. According to Richa, Shakeela had no aspirations for fame, making the question of celebrating her achievements irrelevant. Acknowledging her success would mean admitting to watching her films, which many people were unwilling to do due to societal taboos.

Central Theme of the Film

Richa further elaborated that, at a certain point in her career, Shakeela might have used a body double for all her scenes. This was because she knew that while people watched her films, they would never publicly admit it. This hypocrisy is the central issue addressed in the film. Shakeela’s disdain for both her movies and fame was evident, as she only entered the industry due to her mother’s insistence. Her mother, a junior artist, had unrestricted access to the film world and pressured Shakeela to work in the industry to support their family.

Shakeela’s Motivation and Family Dynamics

Shakeela’s primary motivation was financial stability. She lacked passion for acting and viewed her role as a means to provide for her family. Her sense of duty and obligation overshadowed any personal desires or aspirations. The film delves into her complicated relationship with her family, who exploited her success for their gain. This exploitation left a lasting impact on Shakeela, influencing her outlook on life and her career.

Richa Chadha’s Portrayal of Shakeela

In an interview with India Today, Richa Chadha discussed the challenges of portraying Shakeela. Her goal was to make Shakeela relatable to the audience, showcasing her as a lively, naive, and friendly person despite her troubled past. Richa emphasized the importance of reflecting Shakeela’s genuine personality in her performance. Shakeela’s strained relationship with her family, who took advantage of her success, was a significant aspect of her life that Richa aimed to portray authentically.

Impact of Family Abuse

The film highlights the abuse Shakeela endured from her family, particularly her mother. This abuse left a profound impact on her life, shaping her experiences and outlook. Richa Chadha aimed to convey the lasting effects of such exploitation, showing how it complicates relationships and leaves indelible marks on a person’s life. The portrayal underscores the challenges Shakeela faced, not only in her career but also in her personal life, due to the betrayal by those she trusted the most.


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